Programas, redes y proyectos

Programas internacionales

Erasmus +

Programa cofinanciado por la Unión Europea




Adjudicaciones 2024-2025

Las proximas adjudicaciones sera entre los meses de junio y Julio.






ETEN. European Teacher Education Network.

EJTA. European Journalism Training Association.

Euroschool Net 2000.

NETT. Network for the Education and Training of Teachers.


DEWI. Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure.

ENKTAA. European Network ofKnowledge Transfer in Atlantic Area.

ERIMA. European Research inInnovation and Management Alliance.

SIX. Social Innovation eXchage.

SMS. Strategic Management Society.

Team Academy International Network.

MCAC. Mondragón cooperative academic community.

INCLUSIPHE. Inclusive engagement of non-traditional student in professional higher efucation 

MAC D. Steel design and high speed machining aspects in the transition from case hardening to induction hardening of automotive transmissions


CRAFTERS. Constraint and Application driven Framework for Tailoring Embedded Real-time Systems

NSAFECER. Safety Certification of Software-intensive Systems with Reusable Components

PSAFECER. Safety Certification of Software-intensive systems with reusable components

NSHIELD. New embedded systems architecture for multi-layer dependable solutions

DEWI. Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure